As Government Employees, you know the challenges of keeping the nation running. But what happens when serious illness or disability stops you from doing your job? What happens to your family if you’re no longer around to support them?

Jeroen De Lijster

Chief Executive Officer

Jeroen de Lijster is a new business development strategist in emerging markets. He has experience in financial services, FMCG, food retail/wholesale, automotive and NGO’s with a focus on creating viable emerging market business models that have a positive impact on individuals and communities. He has an Honors degree in International Business Economics and a Masters in Business Administration.

Lee Pluke

Chief Product Officer

With almost 20 years in the financial services industry, Lee Pluke’s core focus has and always will be to provide correctly structured risk benefits. Additionally, he developed 3-year term dollar guaranteed World Wide Index Tracker, and acknowledged to be the first of its kind in SA. Aside from having established an array of successful business models, his entrepreneurial background as well as his profound industry product knowledge is exemplary.

At Africa Direct we understand that life can give you challenges that are difficult to manage. Our mission is to provide the same kind of support, assistance, and care to you that you provide to the citizens of our country.

Through our comprehensive portfolio of services designed specifically for government employees, we’re able to help you to protect your finances, dramatically reduce your debt and guide you on a path to personal wealth creation.


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