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Debt Relief may still be possible for you.

Imagine the relief of a single, affordable payment each month and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your debts are under control. Sound good?
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Debt2Credit, a product of Africa Direct, is here to help you make that peace of mind a reality. We'll help you navigate through the challenges that come with expensive debt by providing you with a personalised debt review programme designed just for you.

The following form starts with an Income & Expenses Calculator. The calculator will give you (and us) a basic idea of where you are right now, which will help us assist you better.  

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Managing debt can be overwhelming, especially when you're striving to provide the best for your loved ones. We're here to ensure that you get back on track by helping you through each step of the debt review process, so you can:
focus on
what trully
Your loved ones future.
Our dedicated team is here to help. Discover how Debt2Credit can simplify your finances and bring peace of mind.
You only pay one single monthly debt repayment
We protect you from your creditors
All our agents are qualified debt counsellors
We provide a plan for you to become debt free
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