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We get it, sometimes you need your money before payday. We’ve got you covered and our rates are the best in South Africa.

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Why pay more and get less from other providers?

Become an Africa Direct Client from as little as R59pm and benefit from Massive discounts on Your salary advance. Look at these LOW rates for Clients:

We understand that life sometimes can be unexpected and you need some extra cash before payday. That’s why we provide Government Employees with the lowest salary advance rates in South Africa, with ZERO % INTEREST.

Africa Direct is a FSB approved company and offers the following products:

A registered Financial Service Provider (FSP 45834)


Confirmation that you are a Africa Direct Life & Investments policy holder.

A mandate to do a FREE credit check.

Our agent will work out how much Salary Advance you can afford*.
*Within the National Credit act regulations.

A copy of your payslip

Proof of your bank account to which we will pay your Salary Advance

A mandate to debit your back account with your Salary Advance repayment

Our Legal Fees

You have access to your Salary Advance monthly if you require it.*