Africa Direct
Bond Optimiser
Helping homeowners pay up to
R8 000 LESS*
per month
on their debt.
*Average savings across registered customers.
Helping nurses pay up to R8 000 LESS* per month on their debt.
Bond Optimiser (Pty) Ltd, Reg 2020/681729/07 is a credit repair company.
Africa Direct
Bond Optimiser
Bond Optimiser (Pty) Ltd, Reg 2020/681729/07 is a credit repair company.

Switch your bond, save and have access to more money.

Africa Direct
Bond Optimiser
We move all your expensive debt into your cheapest form of funding: Your Bond.

How does Bond Optimiser work?

Your estimated property value
Your outstanding bond amount
Money available to you
Many South Africans do not know that, in times of crisis, they have the option to borrow against the amount they have already paid off on their homes. This means they can access some of the value they've built up in their property when they need it most, including paying off expensive debt on credit cards, personal loans, store cards, school or university fees, municipal arrears and other obligations.

Bond Optimiser helps customers access this capital and pay off their expensive debt through a consolidated loan, which is added to their bond, at same low interest rate they are used to and with negotiated discounts from your creditors, which is why our customers save up to R8 000 a month on costly debt repayments.

Our 5-step process

Step 1: Assessment
We provide you with a free property evaluation, credit report and debt assessment
Step 2: Negotiations
We negotiate with your creditors to get the best settlement rates for you.
Step 3: Settlement & Consolidation
We use the equity in your home to settle your debts, remove judgements and get you out of debt review. We restructure and consolidate your debt into one monthly payment – on average, we save our clients up to R8000 pm.
Step 4: Edvance financial literacy programme
We enrol you in our 12-month financial literacy programme, where we teach you how make better financial decisions. What’s more, you could get rewarded with cash for every module you complete. T&Cs apply.
Step 5: Switch to a traditional home loan provider
Within 12 months, we switch you to a traditional home loan provider, where you pay even less. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind, a healthier credit profile, and extra cash in your pocket each month.

What are the Benefits?

*Average savings across registered customers
Settle your arrears and consolidate your debt
Get out of debt review in three months or less
Get access to credit when nobody else will give it
Remove judgements against your name

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How much cash can I access?

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