Don’t let your expensive debts
force you into
early retirement.
Helping nurses pay up to R8 000 LESS* per month on their debt.
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Did you know that early retirement significantly decreases your payout?

Many hard-working South African's choose early retirement in order to settle expensive debt, but in the process they miss out on the much larger payout you get if you simply continue until your retirement age. PensionWize allows you to settle your debt, keep working and eventually benefit from a much larger pension payout when you retire.

How does PensionWize work?

Many employees with expensive personal debt believe that early retirement is the best approach to financial relief. PensionWize offers a better solution: leveraging the equity in your home to access the cash you need today to pay off the debt and then transferring that obligation into your existing bond, which can save you up to R8,000 in monthly debt repayments.
Your estimated property value
Your outstanding bond amount
Money available to you

The biggest benefit of PensionWize is that your pension can benefit from the accelerated growth associated with the final years of employment.

This means a much larger payout at retirement, at which point you can settle all your debts and still have a significant amount of cash for your golden years.

Our 5-step process

Step 1: Assessment
We provide you with a free property evaluation, credit report and debt assessment
Step 2: Negotiations
We negotiate with your creditors to get the best settlement rates for you.
Step 3: Settlement & Consolidation
We use the equity in your home to settle your debts, remove judgements and get you out of debt review. We restructure and consolidate your debt into one monthly payment – on average, we save our clients up to R8000 pm.
Step 4: Edvance financial literacy programme
We enrol you in our 12-month financial literacy programme, where we teach you how make better financial decisions. What’s more, you could get rewarded with cash for every module you complete. T&Cs apply.
Step 5: Settle your bond when you retire
Once you have received your full pension you can settle your outstanding debt and still have a significant amount of cash left over for your for retirement years.

What are the benefits?

Clients don’t end their employment and earning potential prematurely.
The growth in the client’s pension fund far exceeds the debt they have outstanding.
Clients enjoy a higher pension pay out on retirement, which has a positive impact on their families.

How much cash can I access?

What our clients are saying

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