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We understand that dealing with debt can be stressful which is why we are dedicated to providing you with personalised guidance and support throughout the debt review process.

The goal is to provide you with the best possible financial solution and help you become debt free.

We specialise in helping our customers  manage their debt effectively

We work closely with creditors to negotiate reduced payment plans. 
We aim to promote a transparent and well understood debt review application.
Our advanced debt review systems are sanctioned by the national credit regulator.

How we make this possible

You only pay one single monthly debt repayment
We protect you from your creditors
All our agents are qualified debt counsellors
We provide a plan for you to become debt free

How Debt2Credit works

DEBT2CREDIT will perform a debt review pre-assessment to establish the extent of the consumers over-indebtedness by means of conducting an income VS expenses calculation. This will ensure that the monthly and day to day essential living expenses are provided for.
All the consumers creditors are paid monthly at a reduced installment amount, with a lower interest rate towards all unsecured debt over a term not exceeding 60 months. This includes loans, credit cards and retail store cards.
Home loans and vehicle credit agreement terms will be extended in terms of the Debt Counsellors Rules System (DCRS) as agreed between all major banking institutions.

What documents are required for the assessment:

1. Certified copies of identity documents (if married in community of property, spouse included)
2. Payslip (if married in community of property, spouse included)
3. Signed POPIA mandate and DEBT2CREDIT mandate (which will be provided for by DEBT2CREDIT)

Upon the approval of the pre-assessment, a formal application will be sent via E-Sign for the consumer to complete at their convenience.
Our debt counsellor will inform all the creditors listed in the debt review application by submitting form 17.1(Notification of Application) and 17.2(Debt Counsellors Acceptance of Application).
The creditors will respond by means of a certificate of balance of all accounts held by the consumer and their spouse.
Our debt counsellor will use all certificates of balance received as a true indication to conduct an accurate proposal to the creditors.
A proposal will be presented to each creditor account with a new term (time period) and the lower interest rate all subject to your affordability.
Feedback of the proposals received by creditors will be in the form of either an acceptance or counter proposal.
The debt counsellor will either accept or reject counter proposals by re-negotiations until acceptance are received by the debt counsellor.
Upon all acceptances, the debt review application for court will be drawn up by appointed attorneys to have the proposal turned into a court order.
This court order binds the agreements made between the consumer and the creditors.
The debt counsellor will thereafter conduct an annual review with the consumer.
When all the creditors listed under debt review are paid in full and all paid-up letters are received, the debt counsellor can issue a clearance certificate to the consumer and the National Credit Regulator(NCR), for the removal of your debt review status listed on the consumers credit bureau report.

In the event of a bond listed on the debt review application, a clearance certificate may be issued by a debt counsellor should the bond have no arrears and a letter from the bank obtained, stating that you have reverted to the original bond contract payments with no arrears and has no objection to the lifting of the debt review status of the consumer, together with all paid up letters of the unsecured debt.


The debt counsellor must find you over indebted in order for him to proceed with a debt review application, this is concluded by means of your Monthly income VS Monthly basic necessary expenses and Monthly debt repayments. You must have a monthly income.
If married in community of property, then yours and spouse’s salary advice slips, if both should be working.
If married in community of property, then copies of both identity documents.
3-month bank statement if both working.
Statements of all creditors, not older than 3 months.
We at Debt2Credit believe in that a debt review must have a beginning and an end, this can be achieved by working with the debt counsellor, The prescribed time is 60 months or shorter.
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Africa Direct Debt Review (Pty) Ltd. Registered Debt Counsellor NCRDC 4201
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