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Bond Optimiser (Pty) Ltd, Reg 2020/681729/07 is a credit repair company.
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Bond Optimiser

We unlock the value in your home

Our credit repair service can leverage the value in your home loan to consolidate debt, break free from debt review and pave the way to a healthier financial future.
Unlock the value in your home to settle your debt.

For more than a decade, we have been the partner to permanently employed South Africans and helped them become debt free.

We eliminate short-term debt
Preserve your home
Transform your credit profile

Your home is more than just a roof over your head, it is a valuable asset that can help you achieve financial freedom.

Our credit repair service is designed to:

Settle your arrears
Give you access to credit
Get you out of debt and debt review
Remove judgements against your name

You can have peace of mind and a healthier credit profile with our five-step process

Step 1: Assessment
We give you a free debt assessment.
Step 2: Negotiations
We negotiate with your creditors to get the best settlement rates for you.
Step 3: Settlement & Consolidation
We use the equity in your home to settle your debts, remove judgements and get you out of debt review. We restructure and consolidate your debt into one monthly payment – on average, we save our clients up to R8000 pm.
Step 4: Edvance financial literacy programme
We enrol you in our 12-month financial literacy programme, where we teach you how make better financial decisions. What’s more, you could get rewarded with cash for every module you complete. T&Cs apply.
Step 5: Switch to a traditional home loan provider
Within 12 months, we switch you to a traditional home loan provider, where you pay even less. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind, a healthier credit profile, and extra cash in your pocket each month.

Calculate the possible value of your home

How do we compare?

Bond Optimiser is not the same as debt consolidation or debt review. Here’s a side-by-side comparison to give you a clear idea of what we offer.

We’ve helped many South Africans break the debt cycle.

Listen to what our clients say about us.

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Africa Direct Edubond (Pty) Ltd. Registration No. 2015/171541/07. NCR No. 8048. An authorized Financial Services Provider. FSP No. 48498
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