Market analysis findings

Our years of client interaction and communication, plus our in-depth bank categorisation analysis has given us a good indication of our client market.
Our findings in this market segment indicate the following:
Large segment of this market has been sold high-interest loans.
High levels of debt review.
Higher than normal levels of depression diabetes and high blood pressure, associated with financial stress.
Lack of understanding of personal money management.
Low levels of liquidity.
A struggle to make month’s end.

Our debt solution

Restructuring our client’s debt into bond has been our financial solution:
Clients save approximately R8000pm in disposable income.
Immediate relief from high interest debt.
Our settlements department negotiates settlement discounts for our clients.
High-interest loans, store cards, personal loans are all settled.
Arrears rates are brought up to date at an average settlement amount of R32,000 per client.
School fees and tertiary education are funded.
Judgements and debt review are removed.
Financial literacy rewards programme.
Clients switched to retail banks once their credit score improves.

Fintech Overview

With a strong focus on innovation, we have developed advanced software solutions and services that empower our customers to thrive. Our mission is to drive financial inclusion, enhance efficiency and foster economic and long-term growth for our customers.
Some of our Fintech achievements include the development of:
A Campaign Management engine (CME).
Fully integrated workflow system.
An advanced Dialler system built on Twilio, integrating with WhatsApp for business, BOTS, emails, SMS, and website integration.
Negotiation and settlements platform.
Fully customised Loan management system.
Enterprise CRM with single customer view ability.
Learner management system.
Insurance and conveyancing modules.
Bank categorisation system which allows us to categorise any line item on an electronic bank statement.

Africa Direct innovative financial product & solution milestones

First integrated funeral plan - including airtime, illness, trauma counselling and disability.
One of 5 South African companies to be rewarded a voice-logged mandate Payroll deduction code from National Treasury (PERSAL).
Helped NSFAS collect arrear fees using our data analytics and call centre capabilities.
At the forefront of debt solution innovation, consolidating high-interest debt into the bond for public servants with a poor credit score, removing debt review, judgements and funding education needs.
Financial literacy rewards modules incorporated into our Bond Optimiser rehabilitation programme.
One of the first companies to incorporate affordable data into a funeral plan for public servants who could not get a mobile contract due to a poor credit score.
Development of the Africa Direct bank categorisation system that categorises any line item on any electronic bank statement, allowing us to provide our clients with effective money management literacy.

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